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kazzapond asked: I was just wondering: what was it that made you believe that Maotsujun is real? Was it a single moment of realization or was it a slow build-up? And what would you consider the best piece of “evidence” for their relationship? :)

The greatest piece of hard evidence is def their Christmas no Yakusoku date. They sneaked in after the lights went down so they wouldn’t be seen, and had to be babysat by their managers. There is no way that was not a date. No. Way. I can’t even imagine two random non-famous platonic friends going on a platonic Christmas friend-outing (and even for that scenario to work, they’d also have to both be single at the same time too, and I think we’re reaching the edge of improbability here). Jun’s reaction at the one point he’s clearly on camera seems pretty obviously “oh shit, busted,” as he seems to be checking the big screen to the side to make sure Mao’s face is blocked in the shot.

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Sooo georgeus!! 

I wish to be a sunny woman. - Inoue Mao

I wish to be a sunny woman. - Inoue Mao



"[A marriage] Proposal is suppose to leave a good memory for the woman."

~ Jun
Waku waku 6.29

When asked about ideas for new Anpanman characters


[Cinnamon roll man… Ah, how about a chocolate pan man? But since they might melt away in the scorching heat of the summer so they are weak to be in the movie (laughs)]

- Inoue Mao

chocolate pan man? they (reporters) don’t lose the opportunity jijijijiijji


Nino: (walking together with Aiba as boyfriend) ‘She’ pretends to see a pretty flower and tries to pick it up. Falls to the ground clutching ‘injured’ finger. Boyfriend comes to check and touches her finger, and leads ‘her’ to hospital, holding her hand the whole time. Skinship success!



Meza act 2014.06.30 


Now that’s what I call an Arashi Blast! 😂😂😂😂😂

Domyoji!!! *__*